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About us
Biognosis is a non‐profit organization, dedicated to the development, collection, and dissemination of scientific knowledge in the field of environmental protection and health. Its tasks are realized especially by:
  • Presenting to the public scientific perspectives on key issues and supporting social intervention related to environmental protection and health.
  • Promoting cooperation with the Public Authorities, Universities in Greece and abroad, and other governmental and non‐governmental organizations.
  • Enchanting the application, implementation, and management of national and international educational, developmental and research projects, related to environmental protection and health.
  • Facilitating cooperation and mobility with similar institutions in the country or abroad.
  • Promoting recording, popularization, and disclosure of useful published results of researches carried out by Universities and research institutions.
  • Managing activities, such as lectures, seminars, scientific meetings, and conferences, vocational and distance learning.
  • Exploiting and creating websites and useful databases to support activities according to the aims and objectives of the company at national and international levels.
  • Encouraging the dissemination of the knowledge, with publications in newspapers and magazines, on radio, television and the internet.
  • Organizing events for fund or awareness-raising in accordance with its tasks, by volunteering and using thematic working groups, aiming in informing, educating the public on issues related to its tasks.
  • Organizing or participating in charitable activities, programs, and initiatives, aiming in environmental protection and health
Being innovational and pro-active as to respond to global environmental challenges Biognosis in collaboration with scientific teams of experts is active in:
  • Research Projects
  • Specialized training
  • Human health studies
  • Health surveys
Research Projects
Biognosis is currently involved in the application, implementation, and management of national and international developmental, research, and educational projects, related to environmental protection and health, promoting sustainability.
Specialized training
Biognosis is also active in the fields of education and VET training, by supporting trainers & trainees aiming to improve their personal and professional development as well as by introducing new learning and teaching methodologies and approaches, delivering key competences, by focusing on the use of ICT.
Human health studies
Serving its tasks, Biognosis has the capacity to design conduct and support carefully organized clinical studies on novel products and nutritional supplements, pursuing the most contemporary solutions.
Health surveys
Biognosis has the capacity to design and perform efficient online surveys, providing professionals an accessible way to measure patient feedback or employee satisfaction, and to monitor patients’ diet and health habits.