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The tool  for Career Guidance  in Bio Save horizon
The tool for Career Guidance in Bio Save horizon
In the last newsletter of the Bio Save project, you can find information about the tool for career guidance in the project’s horizon. These are presented: [t]The Bio-Save Career Profiles which - Contribute to Green abilities development since the educational material is focused on the topic of climate change mitigation strategies, GHS emissions decrease, and augmentation of the negative impact on the environment....
BIO-Save Programme Value
BIO-Save Programme Value
The need for green competencies creation of the workforce in the Modern Biotechnology sector fosters knowledge transfer and innovation through educational programs and resource introduction using opportunities of the HE system....
BIO-Save Competence  Catalogue
BIO-Save Competence Catalogue
Knowledge-based economies require people with higher and more relevant skills. Real-world experience, through problem-based learning and enterprise links, should be embedded across all disciplines and tailored to all levels of education....
Guide “Green biotech business for young entrepreneurs”
Guide “Green biotech business for young entrepreneurs”
The transition to a carbon-neutral EU by 2050 under the Green Deal is related to changes in the entire products` life cycle and stimulating sustainable consumption and the circular economy. People`s awareness of green business opportunities development should be raised as a solution for adverse climate changes....
BIO-Save Learning Curriculum
BIO-Save Learning Curriculum
Modern Biotechnology is of great essence for climate change mitigation and the sustainable growth of the green economy. EU Universities promote education in biotechnology, which can reduce the harmful effects on the ecosystems and the environment....
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